Collaboration Report

The Time Study Collaboration Report was designed specifically for TCAB and CIT teams looking for collaboration with other TCAB/CIT teams.  Users can compare their performance with similar unit types in the database.  The identities of all hospital units are reported anonymously with index numbers so your identity is protected by the system.

Records can be sorted on any work activity or category moving best performers to the top.  You can select units to collaborate with by selecting the check box in front of the unit.  Then select the “Send Message to Selected Units” box to open a messaging window where you can send an “introductory message” and an “invitation to collaborate” to the owner of the units you have selected.

The picture below is an example of a medical unit that is working on “Documentation”.  The data is first sorted based on best performing units for time spent in “Documentation”.  Since the goal is to spend less time in documentation, the table is sorted from lowest to highest.  Then the top 5 hospitals are selected for collaboration, and an introductory message is sent to all checked hospital unit managers registered in the database.

Collaboration Report

*Unit managers who receive collaboration requests may or may not respond to the collaboration request.  However, they are encouraged to respond favorably to the request during their training.


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Collaboration Report


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