How do caregivers spend their time?

Time Study RN is a time study tool that measures where caregivers spend their time and provides the dataset for evaluating the impact the built environment has on caregiver workload.

Time Study RN measures the percentage of time caregivers spend in work activities and summarizes the time spent in direct care, value added care, documentation, meds, non-value added, and over 70 other activities. The software also captures the percentage of time RN’s spend doing work that could be done by other resources.

This data is an indispensable resource in developing functional specifications for architects designing efficient caregiver workspaces and is compatible with Layout-iQ. Time Study RN has become the standard tool of choice for pre-implementation and post-implementation evaluation studies for new technology and changes to nursing practice and policy on caregiver workload.

Infographic - 70+
Nurse Time Chart 1

Time Study RN provides a comprehensive measurement of how nurses spend their time.  The results are accurate to within 95% CI and a 5% error which is the minimum standard allowed in the national benchmarking database.  Our studies always exceed this requirement. 


Breaking it down by category:

TCAB/CIT – Direct Care
Nurse Time Chart 2
Value Added Care
Nurse Time Chart 3

How Do Caregivers Spend Their Time?


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