Time Study RN for Doctors

Time Study MD brings the power of time and motion studies to doctors.

Improved Efficiency


Time Study MD identifies root causes that prevent doctors from seeing more patients. Efficiency is improved as actionable observations are applied.


Time Study MD can be used to run Time Studies for Medicare and CMS reporting.


Time Study MD can also be used to audit the work activities of various providers.

Save time while improving efficiency.

The TSRN methodology provides a more streamlined process to determine staffing needs and get approvals. Using this methodology saves time because management doesn’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops or ineffective processes that eventually fail to achieve an optimal solution. Not only is time saved, but enhanced performance improvement and tracking provide greater confidence in the end result.

ImprovE Core Metrics

Improve Outcomes

Care quality and outcomes will improve because staffing will be adequate to respond to events quickly and efficiently.

Reduce Adverse Events

Fewer mistakes, errors, omissions, and Adverse Events will occur. View case studies here to get a closer look.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction will improve because the right staff will be able to deliver the right care when needed with minimal delays, while also treating patients as human beings.

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